Let Go of This Chain

Let Go Of This Chain

(Tekst: Ellen Marie Løkslid, Hallvard Høiberg)

I wanna go,
High up on the mountain
I wanna plant my feet
On a heavenly shore
I wanna clear away
My thoughts and burdens,
See the morning dew rise

I wanna be released
From this burden
I wanna feel something real
Touching my hands
I’ve been searching
Along this worn out road
Trying to find spaces
Others have left behind

Let go of this chain
Let go of this chain  

Help me let go
Of my worried mind,
Its frayed edges
Torn by the wrong side of the line

Let go of this chain

I’m staggerin’
Ready to fall down.
The people trying to stop me keep
Draggin’ me down to the ground

Let go of this chain
Let go of this chain
Let og, let go, of this chain  

Let go, let go